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Saturday, 18 June 2011

***Last Night***

I have just seen an amazing movie (SofiasChoices) called Last Night with Keira Nightley, Sam Worthington, Eva Mendes and Guillaume Canet.

Once in a while, you watch a movie which makes you think, realise and analyse life and relationships.  In this movie Keira and Sam play Joanna and Michael, a couple of college sweethearts married four years and living in New York.  Joanna is a writer and Michael works with property.  During a dinner party Joanna is introduced to Michael’s very attractive colleague Laura (played by Eva Mendes); after observing their interaction  she becomes suspicious and when they arrive home she confronts him in a jealous rage resulting in an argument.  Joanna decides to sleep on the sofa, but during the night, the argument is settled and the couple reconciles.  However doubts about their marriage begin to arise…

The next morning Michael heads off on a business trip with Laura leaving Joanna still feeling a little fragile.  However during a coffee run, that morning, Joanna runs into Alex (very nicely played by Guillaume Canet).  She is extremely surprised to see him and you can see at that point that  there’s some "unfinished business" between them.  They arrange to meet for dinner and that is when the movie slows down but becomes interesting…

The scenes flip between Michael and Laura away and Joanna and Alex in NY.  All these events take place in one night.  Here you learn that Joanna met Alex whilst in Paris for a couple of months and that the romance bloomed during a break up with Michael.  You also understand that although their time together was short what they had was very intense, you can see that feelings are still strong, specially for Alex, who can’t forget the one that got away (Joanna).  In the other side you observe Laura pulling all the stops to seduce Michael and his fight to keep faithful to his wife.  By the end of the night decisions are made by both Joanna and Michael which will determine their loyalty, love and commitment to each other…

I was really impressed with the ending, because no words were needed for you to understand the moral of the history.  I’m not a big fan of Keira Nightley, but I have to admit she played her part with convincing strength and feeling.  Eva Mendes, once you learn about her character’s past, becomes less of a vixen and more of a woman marked by her past and determined to get what she wants.  Sam Worthington made me feel sorry for him at times, but disappointed for the lack of strength, although he felt very confused he could have been a little stronger.  As for Guillaume Canet, I thought his performance was flawless; he portrayed perfectly the guy who fell in love, lost his chance but needed closer to move on.  His eyes expressed throughout the movie how he truly felt for Joanna.

A great film, directed by a woman Massy Tadjedin; very cleverly written; long enough to keep you interested, with adult themes and an interesting view on love, life and relationship choices!  Out Now!


  1. Hi Sofia. I really like the way you use your words. Think you are a great writer and i can see a great future ahead of you. Keep posting more reviews so more people can get to know your work.

    Claudio Harris

  2. Quem sabe sabe.........

    Is it a film for me? It sounds good!!

    Well done you

    Just a shame you can't leave coments ;-)

    Love you and well done, and we want to see lots more in here.