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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Then Sofia Finally Said...

This is a strange day for me to publish my first blog... I'm Portuguese but have lived in the UK for the last 15 years. When I was growing up, my imagination always got the best of me... I loved reading romance books, loved watching Top of the Pops but my greatest passion has always been movies! To be truthful this has been a family passion, my elder sister Nilza, was the storyteller, she used to watch movies at the cinema or on video at her friends houses (we never had a video player whilst we were growing up) and then come home and tell my niece and I the whole movie, from beginning to end!  The one I will never forget her description was Nightmare in Elm Street.  I was horrified and even scared of falling asleep, just by the way she relayed the movie to us.  The Exorcist... I was only able to see it when I was 23 years old, here in the UK, for fear of what I had heard... that is how good she was...  so, I think my passion for movies and TV, came from a poor but happy childhood where TV was our only connection to the world and my taste for talking about them came from how they made me feel, the thoughts they gave me; and how I sometimes could empathize with the characters!  I am much older now and still feel the same way... Today I want to celebrate Elizabeth Taylor (the reason why it was a strange day to start a blog about movies), but Sofia'sChoice is to thank her for being a wonderful actress who brought so much light to our screens, for her flawless acting skills, for being a true Hollywood Queen, even with a life of pain, but always with much passion...RIP Elizabeth, heaven was missing a Beautiful Angel!!!



  1. Hi Sofia! Good Luck with your blog! Just to tell you that I agree completely with you, speaking of your sister Nilza. She also told movie stories to my sister and I that were memorable – she does bring the story to life in a very special way. Beijinhos e Saudades! Susana.

  2. CIAO, DARLING!!!! I got here at last! (you now I‘m not used to these “blog things” but I could never miss your opening! No way!)
    I am sure you will convey into these pages all the passion that I (and everybody) feel when listening to you “live” and enjoy being carried away by your energy, joy and fun.
    I can recall you recommending: “Anna, you need to watch this!” And how could I have not watched that movie? Impossible, even if it was in the middle of the night (sitting on your couch, under the blanket, hypnotized by the plot and supported by mango juice)!
    Sweetie, my wish is simply to enjoy this blog by letting it be the wonderful and special You that you are.
    ...and of course with the biiiiggest hug!!!
    Lots of love,