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Sunday, 20 November 2011

In Time

Shall we call it the futuristic Robin Hood?
In TimeWill Salas flawlessly played by multitalented Justin Timberlake lives in a system (or better called time zone) where time is literally money; people stop ageing at 25 weiss familywhen a timer, etched on their arms as a ghoulish green countdown, starts ticking away. While in a different time zone the rich live forever and the poor, like Will, have to beg, borrow, and steal enough minutes to make it through another day. But after Will’s mother (played by the beautiful Olivia Wild) “times out” and he is falsely accused of murder, for being gifted 100 years by a jaded multi-centenarian he saves from being robbed, he must figure out a way to bring down the system. He’s change of fate lasts long enough for him to briefly experience the high life and by chance meet Sylvia Weis (played by another beauty Amanda Seyfried) daughter of wealthy time mogul Phillipe Weis (played by Vincent Kartheiser) Sylvia, is quickly smitten by Will’s “every second counts” attitude to life and later for his love of humanity. However the time system that keeps the world going does not favour anomalies and Will’s sudden change of fortune not only attracts the attention from the “Time Keeper” or cop (played by intriguing British actor Cillian Murphy) but also Time Stealer or posh thug (again played by the gorgeous bad boy British actor Alex Pettyfer). In-Time-Movie-Review

On the run, Will and Sylvia soon discover the real meaning of fighting against time…

This elaborately imagined sci-fi thriller with a very young and nice looking cast, from Gattaca’s director Andrew Niccol has an interesting view on a few things in life people take for granted, time, money and the true meaning of happiness.

Not the movie of the year for me, but well worth "your time". In Cinemas NOW!!
With Passion SofiaXx

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